ALDI Baking Soda - 10 Uses You Might Not Know About

Baker's Corner Baking Soda

I'm not sure if anyone is brand-loyal when it comes to baking soda, but I have noticed no difference between Aldi's baking soda and Arm and Hammer. The Aldi price for a 16oz. box is $.49 and the online price for the same size for Arm and Hammer is $1.54. I use baking soda not only for baking but I also keep a box in my cleaning supply tub for natural and odorless cleaning.

1. Scour your bathtub - Sprinkle baking soda all over the tub. Using a wet sponge, work the baking soda into a crumbly paste and scrub!

2. Clean up a red wine or bloody mary spill out of carpet. (Have had both in my house!) Blot up liquid with clean, dry cloth. Sprinkle baking soda over the spill and allow to absorb. Using a damp cloth, gently scrub the spill. Red wine with gradually turn blue, then gray, then fade entirely. Allow to dry and then vacuum excess baking soda. Be careful not to mix with other cleansers or vinegar as some cleaners react and could leave a light spot on your carpet.

3. Make a homemade laundry spot treatment. Use an empty, rinsed spray bottle with about 2 T. baking soda and fill with warm water. Shake to dissolve. Spray spots as a pretreatment. For bad stains, use a paste like #2 above.

4. Destink your trash can, recycling bin, or diaper pail. Shake a little into the base of your trash can underneath the liner if it is holding any smells.

5. Clean your toilet. Sprinkle baking soda around the bowl and wait for it to soak. Use your toilet brush to scrub out any rings or stains.

6. Treat bug bites and bee stings. Make a paste and treat the sting or bite to help with stinging, itching, and swelling.

7. Freshen your carpets. Use a light sprinkling over your carpets and let it sit for an hour or two. Vacuum as normal.

8. Clean your stainless steel sink. In a wet sink, sprinkle baking soda and let sit for a few minutes. Use a sponge or rag to scrub to work into a paste and scrub any discoloration. Works really well to get into the grooves around the drain.

9. Whiten your teeth. Sprinkle a tiny bit onto your toothbrush and brush with it once a month to help remove staining. (Thanks to my dental hygienist for that one!)

10. Clean and restore tile grout. Use a baking soda and water paste and an old toothbrush to scrub your floor, shower, or backsplash grout. Will help to remove any discoloration. Rinse well.


  1. I use it in my above ground swingin pool to raise the ph

  2. I use it in my above ground swingin pool to raise the ph

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