Leftover Easter Eggs?

In my family we always dye the required dozen hard boiled eggs the day before Easter, but no one in my family gets that excited about Deviled Eggs....especially this year when our traditional Easter brunch was swapped out for a pizza lunch instead. Take out and pizza and deviled eggs don't really go together, do they? I turned my hard boiled eggs into a quick and simple Egg Salad Sandwich. You can also use leftover deviled eggs since most of the ingredients are shared. I may also make Cobb Salad Wraps out of the filling as well for a lunch this week.


6 hard boiled eggs, chopped
1/3 c. Burman's Mayonnaise
1 pickle spears, chopped - or 1/2 c. relish
1 T. spicy or brown mustard
2 T. chopped onion
2 T. chopped celery
salt and pepper


1. Using a fork, mash all ingredients together until well incorporated. 

2.Serve on bread.


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