Lullabies Diapers: Product Review

Aldi has changed their Lullabies since this post - please see the new post here

Lullabies Diapers

We have been using the ALDI house brand diapers on our youngest son for the past few months and I would say they are comparable in function to brand name diapers. I don't have issues with leaks or blow outs. The pattern is probably not as cute as some of the big brands, but I figure that my baby is just going to make a mess in it, so function and price are more important than little Bert and Ernie adorning his tush. The biggest drawback of the Lullabies is that they are only available in sizes 3-5. I would guess that this is in keeping with Aldi's business model of only carrying the highest volume items in their store.

Lullabies are priced at $4.99 per pack. For price comparison I will use the Size 3 which has 36 diapers per pack, making the cost 13.8 cents per diaper. Here are the current costs per diaper and equivalent price per pack of some other popular diapers based on online pricing.

Target Up and Up 15.5 cents per diaper or $5.58 per pack
Pampers Cruisers 27.3 cents per diaper or $9.83 per pack
Huggies Snug and Dry 22.3 cents per diaper or $8.03 per pack
Luv's 17.7 cents per diaper or $6.37 per pack
Walmart's Parent's Choice 16.6 cents per diaper or $5.97 per pack
Walgreen's Well Beginnings 19.4 cents per diaper or $7.00 per pack

I have yet to find a price that beats the $4.99/pack!


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