USDA Organic at ALDI

Thanks to our recent "release" on Facebook, it was brought to my attention that some people didn't realize ALDI offers USDA organic items! Not too long ago they started offering more organic and "all-natural" items under a line called SimplyNature as well as organic produce.  It's worth mentioning that some of these items are limited time offers and not always in stock or offered at every store. I make sure I purchase my favorites when I see them because they may not be there next week. I also like to send the message "This is what I want more of, ALDI!"

USDA Organic Items at ALDI 


*Spring Mix 5 oz. $2.49 

*Baby Spinach 5 oz. $2.49

*Baby Arugula or Kale 5 oz. $2.49

*Red Delicious or Gala Apples 3 lb. $4.99

*Baby Carrots

*Grape Tomatoes

*Bananas $.68/lb (last I saw)


*100% Grass Fed Ground Beef $4.49/lb


*Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 8 oz. $3.49

*String Cheese 

*Original and Vanilla Soy Milk 64 oz. $2.49

*Reduced Fat 2% Milk 64 oz. $3.39 (Have not seen this in KS yet and price is not as competitive as I would expect. I would LOVE to see organic whole milk by the gallon at a price that beats Organic Valley! - Please ALDI!)


*Strawberries 12 oz. $2.69

*Blueberries 10 oz. $2.99

*Green Beans 

*Chunky Strawberry, Creamy Banana, or Creamy Coconut Fruit Bars 10oz. $2.69


*100% Apple Juice 64 oz. $2.49

*Coconut Oil 14 oz. $4.99

*Canned Black Beans $.89

*Diced Tomatoes 28 oz. $1.49

*Tomato Sauce

*Tomato Paste

*Tomato Basil or Marinara Pasta Sauce 25 oz. $1.99

*Thick and Chunky Hot, Medium, or Mild Salsa 16 oz. $1.99 - Fantastic for jarred salsa (coming from a salsa snob)

*Aged Balsamic or Peppercorn Ranch Dressing 8 oz. $1.69

*Light Agave Nectar 11.75 oz. $2.49

*Wildflower Honey 12 oz. $3.19

*Spaghetti or Linguine 16 oz. $1.19

*Fruit Muesli Cereal 16 oz. $2.99

*Plain or Honey Toasted Oats Cereal 9-10 oz. $1.99

*Regular or Low-Sodium Free Range Chicken Broth 32 oz. $1.79

*Coconut and Almond or Cranberry Almond Fruit and Nut Bars 5.6 oz. $3.99

*Chicken Noodle or Lentil Soup 17 oz. $1.99


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