Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche

This one is my one-year-old's favorite but I'm not sure that means anything since he also likes to eat dog food. Before you attempt this recipe, make sure you actually like goat cheese - Carolyn is not a fan. She prefers to make this with ham and cheddar or veggie medley. Katie, however loves this one and I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You could use a roll-out crust, but this one with the technique adapted from 100 Days of Real Food is almost as easy and has a very simple ingredient list.

Serves 6, Cost per serving $.81


1 1/2 c. Baker's Corner All-purpose Flour
1/4 tsp. Stonemill Essentials Sea Salt
1 stick Happy Farms Unsalted Butter, melted

6 eggs
2 c. Friendly Farms Whole Milk
1 block Season's Choice Frozen Spinach, thawed and pressed
1/2 tsp. Sea Salt
1 block Specialty Selected Goat Cheese , plain


1. Preheat oven to 375*

2. In a quiche or deep dish pie pan, combine flour and sea salt. Add melted butter and blend with a fork. Using your hands, press the dough around the edge of the pan creating the sides first and then the bottom.

3. In a  large bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, spinach, and salt.

4. Crumble the half the goat cheese and sprinkle into the crust. Pour in egg mixture and top with remaining crumbled goat cheese.

5. Bake for 50 minutes or until middle has set.


  1. We are having ham, cheese, and red onion quiche tonight, using our leftover ham from Christmas dinner! Yummy!


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