Unprocessed at ALDI

For those of you who follow Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food, here are the items I have found at ALDI that qualify as unprocessed. If an item is available as USDA organic, I mark it with a * I love to stick as close to her "rules" as I can but even her budget challenge at $125/wk is WAY more than our current grocery budget, so I cheat a little here and there to make it work. Click on UNPROCESSED for a few of our recipes that are whole/real/clean-food recipes. I will add to this list as I find more!


Everything! -plus the greens in the fridge cases and some frozen berries and veggies
*Bananas $.64/lb
*Baby Kale, Baby Spinach, Spring Greens, and Arugula $2.49/5oz.
*Baby Carrots 16oz.
*Gala Apples 3lb.
*Navel Oranges 4lb. - haven't seen these at my store yet
*Grape Tomatoes 10oz.


Grass-Fed Ground Beef* $5.89/lb (not local- so stretching this one a bit)
Wild-Caught Salmon (freezer)


*Blueberries $2.99/10oz.
*Strawberries  $2.69/12oz.
*Green Beans
Frozen Veggies (corn, peas, green beans, spinach, asparagus, edamame, et. al.)  
Frozen Fruits (peaches, strawberries, mixed fruit.) $2.19/lb 


Whole Wheat Flour $2.79/5 lb.
Masa Harina
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Sea Salt
*Cane Sugar
*Agave Nectar (not sure if this counts as unprocessed)
Oatmeal, Regular and Steel Cut (tall tubes, not the instant packet kind)
Pure Vanilla Extract
Real Maple Syrup


Extra Virgin Olive Oil*
Coconut Oil* $4.99/14 oz.
Peanuts $2.39/lb
Woven Wheat Crackers (Triscuit-type)
Pinto Beans-dry
Split Peas-dry
Black Beans-dry
Natural Peanut Butter*
Almond Butter*
Cashew Butter*
Soy Sauce-need to check the ingredients on this one!
*Orange Juice-check labels for the NFC kind
*Apple Juice 
*Coffee, K-Cups for organic option
Tea-bags not instant or bottled
Whole Wheat pasta - (Fit and Active line)


*Black Beans
*Pinto Beans
*Garbanzo Beans
*Kidney Beans
*Pinto Beans
Black-Eyed Peas
*Diced Tomatoes*
*Tomato Paste
*Tomato Sauce
Olives (black and sometimes Kalamata and others)
Green Chilies

Fridge/Dairy: (stretching the rules a lot here)

Eggs (not cage-free or local)
Whole Milk (again- not local or organic)
*2% and Skim come in organic but not whole
*Whole Milk Vanilla Yogurt - YUM!
Goat Cheese
Sour Cream (full fat- not reduced)
Cream Cheese (full fat - not reduced)
Unsalted Butter
*Sharp Cheddar (block)
*Parmesan (wedge-not shredded)
Mozzarella (balls or block)
Monterrey Jack (block or slices)
Swiss (block or slices)
Gorgonzola Cheese
Feta and Blue Crumbles -contains cellulose
Queso Blanco? (need to check ingredients)
Provolone (slices)
String Cheese (Happy Farms or SimplyNature*)


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