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5 Tips for the Perfect Quiche

I love quiche for all the variations that you can make with leftovers from the fridge. Last night's rendition was a Summer Squash, Onion, and Goat Cheese version. (I have lemon squash coming out my ears in the garden.) I also love how well it reheats the next day. Making a good quiche has taken me sometime to get it down where it sets in the right amount of time, doesn't have all the cheese float to the top, or the crust burnt on the edge. So here is what I have learned:

1. Precook all your mix-ins like veggies and meat. Excess moisture in the quiche will cause it to be too runny and not set correctly. I like to saute veggies like onion, shredded squash or zucchini, broccoli, or tomatoes in olive oil or butter. Press out the moisture really well if using thawed, frozen spinach.

2. Use whole milk (or half and half if you are feeling like a splurge). Reduced fat milks can be used but you sacrifice the richness and density.

3. If you want cheese mixed throughout the quiche, try …

Aldi-Only Challenge: Week 1: $27.83

In an effort to keep my grocery bills down and simplify things, I am challenging myself to doing all of my grocery shopping exclusively at Aldi for three months. I am allowing myself up to $100/week for our family of four: Mom, Dad, Kindergartner, and 1 year old. This includes any diapers, household supplies, and anything else that ends up in my cart.

One major trick I use for keeping our bill down is meal planning. Here are my steps:

1. List out the nights of the week, then look at your calendar for the week. I allow myself one take-out dinner and one dinner out per week and I try to plug those in on nights that are packed with activities or when I know I will be too tired to put much effort into cooking. I also make sure I plan for special events, treats at school, etc. so they don't sneak up on me.

2. Take a look in your fridge, freezer, and pantry and see what needs used up - for me this week it was tomatoes, yellow squash, and red cabbage- so Yellow Squash Casserole, Caprese …

Nuby No-Spill Cups for $1.89 ea!!!

These 8 oz. handle cups are half the price of the Target price and about $1 cheaper than the Walmart price (per cup). My oldest did so well with these when we transitioned off the bottle. The larger ones are a little bit cheaper at Walmart per cup if you do the 3-pack and can work free shipping or site-to-store.


I have been enticed by a recent Groupon into renewing my Sam's Club membership. I'm usually not a fan of bulk buying because unless you do the math, what seems like a good deal can be a let down. Also, my family just seems to consume whatever it is faster when they know we have tons of them in the pantry. Seeing what I thought might be a decent deal on almonds, I decided to price out the two stores: ALDI vs. Sam's Club

Whole Unsalted Almonds
Aldi: $4.99/ 12 oz. = $.42 per ounce
Sam's Club $15.98 /48 oz. = $.33 per ounce

Shelled Walnuts
Aldi: $6.49/16 oz. = $.41 per ounce
Sam's Club $13.98/32oz. =  $.44 per ounce

Pecan Halves
Aldi: $3.29/ 6 oz. = $.55 per ounce
Sam's Club $13.98/ 32 oz. = $.44 per ounce

Looks like Sam's Club has the winning price on almonds and pecans if you are willing to buy two pounds at a time. However-keep buying those Aldi walnuts-steal of a deal!

I Got a Mattress at ALDI? Review of Huntington Home Memory Foam Queen Mattress

--Update for June 2017 - still loving our Aldi mattress and it's wearing well. (3 years old and no problems)
***See update for July 2015 at the bottom of the post***
I know this sounds strange to buy a mattress from a grocery store and I have reserved posting about this until I had a month to decide if I liked the mattress or not...but here it goes! I bought my new mattress at a grocery store and I LOVE IT!

My last mattress was a pillow-top Englander mattress that my parents bought me as a college graduation present to help me furnish my first apartment. My husband and I have slept on that thing for 12 years and we had flipped it, rotated it, and flipped it again trying to postpone what I was sure was going to be a $1000 purchase to get a mattress we could agree on. So when I was reading that ALDI was going to offer a 10" memory foam for $199.99, we did a little research and decided to jump at it. At that price, we figured it would only have to last a year or two to feel like…