I have been enticed by a recent Groupon into renewing my Sam's Club membership. I'm usually not a fan of bulk buying because unless you do the math, what seems like a good deal can be a let down. Also, my family just seems to consume whatever it is faster when they know we have tons of them in the pantry. Seeing what I thought might be a decent deal on almonds, I decided to price out the two stores: ALDI vs. Sam's Club

Whole Unsalted Almonds
Aldi: $4.99/ 12 oz. = $.42 per ounce
Sam's Club $15.98 /48 oz. = $.33 per ounce

Shelled Walnuts
Aldi: $6.49/16 oz. = $.41 per ounce
Sam's Club $13.98/32oz. =  $.44 per ounce

Pecan Halves
Aldi: $3.29/ 6 oz. = $.55 per ounce
Sam's Club $13.98/ 32 oz. = $.44 per ounce

Looks like Sam's Club has the winning price on almonds and pecans if you are willing to buy two pounds at a time. However-keep buying those Aldi walnuts-steal of a deal!


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