10 (I mean 7) "Real Foods" I Wished ALDI Carried

Since every time I think about how I wish ALDI has one thing or another, it shows up the next month in the store, I figured I would post my top 10 list and see if ALDI can take care of any of it for me? What do you think ALDI?

1. Whole Wheat Flour - organic would be nice, but I'll take it either way  (Thank you ALDI!)
2. Coconut Oil (and other unrefined oils) - I love it for baking, organic preferred (Thank you ALDI!)
3. Whole Wheat Bread with less ingredients/less processed (throw in some bagels and tortillas too:)
4. Cage-Free Eggs (Free Range preferred)
5. Organic Whole Milk
6. Garbanzo Beans  Thanks ALDI! Love having them in store!
7. Cayenne Pepper
8. Organic Cheeses (Bring back the Organic Sharp Cheddar!)
9. Quinoa Thanks again ALDI!
10. Organic Unsalted Butter

If you need shelf space, you can get rid of the "Fruity Pebble" type cereal my kid asks for every time:)


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