ALDI Only Challenge Week 4: $43.31

Yet again, another cheap week as I continue to use up garden produce, freezer, and pantry items. I actually bought ahead this week on a few pantry items as well. Here is what I purchased followed by the meal plan for the week:

  • Paper towels $.69
  • Whole Milk $3.00
  • Plain Bagels $1.69 (wish they offered whole wheat - hint hint ALDI)
  • Organic Bananas $1.28
  • Yellow Onions $1.28
  • Large Eggs $1.59
  • Yeast Packets (2) $1.58 - YEAH! Seasonal baking items are back!
  • Ibuprofen $1.99
  • Premium Coffee $4.99
  • Frozen Fettuccine Meal $.99 (DH requests frozen meals because he is a lazy lunch packer!)
  • Corndogs $2.19 (DH again)
  • Organic Stevia Packets $1.79
  • Diapers $4.99
  • Gala Apples $2.99
  • Flour Tortillas $1.19
  • Baking Powder $.99 (Seasonal Baking)
  • Buffalo Chicken Boneless Wings $4.88 (DH again - can you tell who likes the processed food in our house?)
  • Chopped Spinach $.99
  • Tax $3.50
Total: $43.31

Meal Plan for the Week

Saturday: School Carnival/Out
Sunday: Lasagna with Summer Squash (didn't get made last week)
Tuesday: Chili Cheese Nachos (Chili from Freezer)
Wednesday: Late Meeting/Frozen Pizza 
Thursday: Late Meeting/ Take Out
Friday: Steak Night

Lunch Options:
Homemade Lunchables
Cheesy Roll Up
Waffle and Cream Cheese Sandwich
Adults: Leftovers and Frozen Meals

Breakfast Options:
Egg in the Hole (Sat)
Bagels and Cream Cheese (Sun)
Banana Muffins, Waffles, Pancakes, or Cereal (Weekdays)

* A confession - I technically cheated on my ALDI-only challenge. My husband bought steaks from Sam's Club and I had a bite or two at dinner last night. I don't think he's in the spirit of the challenge yet? I have yet to find him a steak that is as thick of a cut as Sam's Club or our local meat shop. 


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