How I Keep My Grocery Bill Under $100 Per Week (Family of 4)

As you can see from my last three weeks of my ALDI challenge, I rarely spend over $100 on groceries for my family for the week. *Revised *10/16/2014
  1. I shop at ALDI (Duh!)
  2. I shop alone. Most of the time I shop first thing Saturday morning so that my kiddos can stay home with my husband. That way only one person can be affected by impulse buys (and I'm pretty disciplined).
  3. I eat breakfast and bring my coffee along from home when I shop. Aldi is not as tempting as other grocery stores in that way, but it still helps to have a contented stomach when you shop so that it is about getting what you need and not what sounds good at the moment.
  4. I meal plan for the week so I buy exactly what I will be needing and not a random assortment of things that will end up going to waste. I build my list based on items in my fridge, freezer, and pantry that need used up first.
  5. I make a list and stick to it! I use tally marks on my grocery list to estimate how much am I spending as I go and if it looks like I am going over budget I put things back that are non-essentials.
  6. I only go to the store once per week. Running in to buy a gallon of milk or loaf of bread will get you into trouble.
  7. I track how much I am spending as I work my way through the store. If I know I am going over budget, I put any unnecessary items back.
  8. I plan around 75% of our meals to be meatless. Vegetarians save money!
  9. I try to limit processed and convenience foods. They are (usually) much more expensive and less filling than homemade versions.
  10. We skip pop/soda at home. We keep our beverages to water (filtered tap), whole milk, orange juice, iced tea and coffee. 
  11. I stock up when a product is marked down. If it can be stored in my pantry or frozen, then I buy a ton of them when I can.
  12. We eat our leftovers. I freeze them in individual portions for lunches at work, eat them for weekend lunches at home, or reinvent them into something new so my wonderful husband doesn't think they are leftovers.
  13. I rarely use disposable products like paper towels, napkins, paper plates, plastic baggies, or plastic cups. We use washable rags, cloth napkins, real plates and cups, and washable food storage containers. I also wash and reuse containers from sour cream, yogurt, lunch meat, etc. for all of my freezing. 


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