Huntington Home Rug 24"x36" Product Review

I recently purchased the rug that was the "Red Hot" Special a few weeks ago week for $4.99 to replace our front door rug that was looking a little ratty. There were three color choices, that I saw, and I chose a gray and off-white diamond pattern. A few of the rugs looked a little frayed along the seams already like the construction isn't all that great? I picked one that appeared to be in good shape and so far it is holding up great! It is not rubber backed, so I will probably need to put a piece of non-skid material underneath it, but no biggie. The rugs I last purchase for my kitchen from Target were similar and I paid over $20 per rug, so these are a steal of a deal if they hold up for even a bit.

**After washing once, there are some frayed spots, but I am still not disappointed for $4.99.


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