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Tex-Mex Migas (Breakfast Tostada with Sriracha Cream Sauce)

I enjoyed a variation of Tex-Mex Migas on a recent trip and this was my re-creation. If you have leftover salsa or black beans, they would also be a great topping. I used leftover tostada shells, but you could use broken taco shells or tortilla chips just as easily. Great way to jazz up eggs for breakfast and fairly quick. Serves 4, Cost per serving $.53 Ingredients 4 Tostada shells - broken just fine 8 eggs 1 avocado, diced or sliced (opt.) 2 T. chopped fresh cilantro (opt.) 1/2 c. sour cream 1 T. Sriracha Sauce (new at ALDI) Optional Toppings: black Beans, shredded cheese, pico, onions, peppers, tomatoes, etc.
Directions 1. Make Sriracha Cream Sauce by mixing sour cream and sriracha sauce. Set aside. 2. Cook eggs sunny side up. My preferred method is to melt 1 T. butter over medium heat in a skillet with a lid. Crack eggs into skillet being sure not to break the yolks. Season with salt and pepper and place lid on pan. Watch for the whites to cook through and then remove from pan. Y…

Aldi-why you gotta break my heart?

I went to ALDI Thursday and was in hopes of catching the fresh turkeys for $.99/lb. To my great disappointment I was told they sold out of fresh turkeys in 5 hours! I had to resort to finding another store that had frozen turkeys at $.79/lb (Applemarket for my NE KS friends). So congrats to all you that scored of that fresh turkey deal. Let's hope my frozen one turns out as well.

Butter price back down! $2.29/lb - yippee!

Thanks for lowering the price right before Thanksgiving ALDI! (although I haven't forgotten that it was $1.99 last year)

Aldi-Only Challenge Week 12: $68.99 and Confessions

This was my last week of my Aldi-Only Challenge and I was very happy to stay under my $100 budget each week. My weekly average was $60.78 - well under my goal. If you are willing to be less brand-loyal and a little flexible in your meal planning, then I think staying under $100 for a family of 4 is very doable on a weekly basis. Carolyn always reminds me that my boys are 1 and 5 and that this will be a very different story as their appetites grow. I have no doubt I will need to increase the budget when my boys turn into human garbage disposals in their teen years, but for now I will celebrate this accomplishment as a win! A few confessions:I did purchase KC Strips at Sam's Club and our local butcher shop. The KC Strips that ALDI carries as of now are not on par with the thick, fresh cuts we get elsewhere.My husband purchased name brand pop that ALDI doesn't offer for his lunches. We have tried the Dr.Pepper and Cola-type at ALDI and he is not a fan.I lived off of some of stoc…

Aldi-Only Challenge Week 11: $70.88 - And they have Coconut Oil!

I think someone at ALDI may actually be reading my blog because Organic Coconut Oil showed up on the shelf! I haven't seen it in an ad or online, but all of a sudden there it was, so I will believe it was all my doing (note sarcasm). $4.99 for 14 oz. makes it $.36 an ounce. This is much cheaper than you will find it at most stores, but doesn't beat the Sam's Club price at $.30 an ounce. I enjoy baking with coconut oil as an alternative to canola oil or butter. It does have a coconut flavor to it, so I make sure what I am cooking or baking would be complimented by the flavor.
Back to what I purchased this week: Organic Coconut Oil $4.99Mini Pretzels $1.29Pizza Snacks $2.49Taquitos $3.99Premium Coffee $4.99Sparkling Mineral Water $1.49Bananas $1.09Honeycrisp Apples $1.98Chili Beans $.59Frozen Meals (3) $2.97Feta Crumbles $1.99Cream Cheese (3) $2.97Black Beans $.59Carrots $.99All Purpose Flour $1.53 (Thanksgiving)Evaporated Milk (2) $1.30 (Thanksgiving)Organic Sugar $2.79Mult…