Product Review: Kitchen Living Juice Extractor for $34.99

I purchased this juicer from Aldi approximately two years ago. I was planning on doing a juicing detox (spare me the criticisms please) and I wasn't ready to purchase some of the more expensive juicers that can run so much more. I felt this was a great buy if you aren't sure if juicing is going to be a long-term interest. I am sure you can find more bells and whistles on the pricier juicers, but this has suited me perfectly for the times that I use it. I have also loaned it out to friends that are interested in juicing. Everything is still working like new, but I haven't put a lot of mileage on it.

My one complaint is that it can be difficult to clean as some of the parts are hand-wash only. I think this is probably true of most juicers. Overall, a great buy at $34.99!


  1. Where can I get a replacement for the juice jug? The one I have is broken when it fell to the floor?

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  3. Looking to order a pulp container for my kitchen living juice extractor

  4. I love this product, but I need a new Juice Jug as well. Where can I order another one?


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