O'Cedar Robotic Floor Cleaner: Product Review

A few weeks ago ALDI had this O'Cedar Robotic Floor Cleaner for $19.99. I have always wanted an iRobot Roomba or Scooba but $600 for Rosie from the Jetson's was never in the budget. I decided to give this a whirl since it was only $20 and I know ALDI has a wonderful satisfaction guarantee. 

1. For entertainment value, this thing is awesome! Our five-year-old likes to let it bump off of him and see what it does and Stella, our Boston Terrier is sure that it came to play. (I think it has a good chance of dying an early death at our house.)

2. For cleaning purposes, this is what I should have expected for $20. It is a bare floor duster with a static cling-type pad that velcros to the bottom. It is great at picking up dog hair and dust. It leaves behind anything that is heavy or sticky. I would say it compares to a Swiffer. 

3. It comes with 3 cleaning pads and I am not sure if you could rinse, dry and reuse. I haven't tried it yet but I fully intend to. O'Cedar sells more of the cleaning pads, but I am really of an anti-disposable mindset, so I will see what I can come up with.

4. It moves in a random pattern and changes directions when it runs into an obstacle. It would fall down stairs if they aren't blocked. I have been happy with is going under couches and tables, which I never get to with my bare floor vacuum. I have been disappointed with how it gets itself stuck in corners behind furniture. 

Overall: I probably wouldn't purchase it again, but it has been a fun little "toy" for the time being.  It does not substitute for actual sweeping and does not handle obstacles all that well. If you lived in a roller skating rink, it would be great! 


  1. Great review - I really liked seeing both the pros and cons, in addition to your final opinion. It's great to know that it picks up all of the little dog hairs - even the ones that somehow get under the couch. But the fact that it gets stuck all of time does sound quite awful. Thanks for the insight!

    Alison Norman @ Power Boss

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