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Barissimo Limited Edition Cayman Coconut Coffee Singles

Katie and I had a lovely Saturday morning shopping trip, yes we are lame, and came across these wonderful things. I put a box in my cart immediately. Now Katie wishes she would have because we got our families together on Saturday night and I brewed one of these.....simply amazing!  If you like coconut at all, you should try these bad boys!  Also for a fraction of the price of other individual serving size coffee pods. I paid $4.79 for 12 cups, roughly 40 cents per cup....BARGAIN!

Product Review: Crofton Cast Iron Skillet

I have had my Crofton Cast Iron Skillet for about a year. My mother-in-law gave me one as a birthday gift (Thanks Cyndi!) and it has seen a lot of use. I am a big fan of cast iron and have added a few pieces of "vintage" cast iron to my cooking collection from grandparents as they have down-sized. Cast iron has been around for years and years and if you know how to take care of it, it will last you for many more. I like that cast iron pans have no chemical non-stick coating but when well-seasoned are pretty non-stick.  A few things you should know about taking care of cast iron: 1. Never put it in the dishwasher. One of mine went through the dishwasher recently and came out with rust all over it and the seasoning (non-stick layer) stripped. Make sure you let anyone doing the dishes in your house how to properly wash them. (Ah hem- I love you, Honey)

2. To wash, simply run it under hot water and use a plastic scouring pad or sponge to scrub off any food residue. I don't u…