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Taj Mahals

This recipe comes from my husband's side of the family and I have no idea why they are called Taj Mahals, but they are a quick, delicious, open-faced sandwich finished in the broiler. I prefer them vegetarian but Carolyn likes to add some turkey slices for her family.

IngredientsSandwich Bread (I prefer a whole wheat)Avocados or Prepared GuacamoleTomatoes, slicedRed Onion, slicedMushroom, slicedVinegar or lime juiceCheese, I used the Organic Cheddar but you can use pretty much any real sliced cheese you like *These were made depending on what everyone wanted in my family. Some were no cheese, some no mushrooms - this is a recipe where it is fairly easy to be accommodating.  Directions On a cookie sheet, lay out single slices of bread. (How many will depend on how many you want to serve)Mash ripe avocado slices into a quick "guacamole" and add a little salt or garlic salt. If you want to make a full blown guac, be my guest.Spread a thick layer of guacamole onto each slice …