Costco Vs. ALDI


My husband has this thing for thinking he knows more than me about finding and good deals, so to amuse him, we purchased a LivingSocial deal for Costco a while back that gave you Gold Membership for a year, a $25 giftcard, and free merchandise that totaled to well over the cost for the deal. I figured if membership worked out to "free" then I would be willing to give it a try. Mind you, the nearest Costco is more than an hour from our house, so he can't make me go that often.

We made the mistake of going on a Sunday afternoon which meant that the aisles of pushy people nearly gave me a panic attack, my toddler was having a total meltdown, and there was not a thing that fit my clean eating requirements in the food court, so my breakfast and lunch that day consisted of dried apricot and olive medley samples from the demonstrators. Needless to say I was a little "hangry." I plan on going back to Costco again, but on a weekday during the day so as not to repeat the experience.

I visit ALDI weekly, and rarely spend over $100 feeding our family of 4 (kids are 7 and 3). We left Costco with a bill of nearly $300, although we left with lots of pantry and freezer staples that last us a good long time, I now need to compensate for several weeks to bring our grocery purchases back into our budget range. (Can you tell I don't like to vary on my routine?) I made sure and hit some blogs to make a list prior as to what were Costco's best deals and what to avoid. Here is what we purchased and how it compares to ALDI prices:
  • Pure Vanilla Extract $9.99 Costco price per ounce: 62.4 cents per ounce  Aldi price per ounce: 99.5 cents
  • Organic Mac and Cheese (active "coupon") $8.99 Costco price per box: 75 cents   Aldi price per ounce: 99 cents
  • Organic Tortilla Chips $4.69 Costco price per ounce: 11.7 cents  Aldi price per ounce: 18.8 cents
  • Sharp Cheddar $4.99 Costco price per ounce: 15.5 cents  Aldi price per ounce: 21.1 cents
  • String Cheese $8.99 Costco price per ounce: 15 cents per Aldi price per ounce: 27.9 cents
  • Coconut Oil $19.99 Costco price per ounce: 23.8 cents  Aldi price per ounce: 35.6 cents 
  • Unsalted Cashews $14.99 Costco price per ounce: 37.4 cents  Aldi price per ounce: 40 cents
  • Butter $9.49 Costco price per ounce:  14.8 cents Aldi price per ounce: 18.7 cents
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil $11.89 Costco price per ounce: 17.5 cents  Aldi price per ounce: 20.7 cents
  • Organic Ground Beef $19.99 Costco price per pound: $4.99 Aldi price per pound $5.89
  • Baking Soda $6.59 Costco price per ounce: 3 cents  Aldi price per ounce: 4.3 cents
  • Organic Applesauce Squeeze Packs $9.99 Costco price per ounce:  13.2 cents Aldi price per ounce: 11.8 cents
  • Organic Spinach $4.99 Costco price per ounce: 31.1 cents  Aldi price per ounce: 49.8 cents
  • Organic Maple Syrup $10.49 Costco price per ounce: 31 cents Aldi price per ounce: 52 cents  
  • NFC Orange Juice $5.99 Costco price per ounce: 4.7 cents  Aldi price per ounce: 3.4 cents
  • Brie $4.99 Costco price per ounce: 37.2 cents per ounce  Aldi price per ounce: 59.8 cents 
I was glad to get back and know I had found good deals, but three times my normal grocery run did not feel good. Looking at this alone, Costco kicked Aldi's rear, but to be fair to ALDI, I went into Costco knowing what I spend at ALDI on most items and did not purchase anything I knew I could get at ALDI for cheaper. I passed up nearly all the produce dept., chicken (was only looking for something similar to the NeverAny line, wild-caught salmon, most frozen foods, and all paper goods.) I will be back to Costco, but I feel like I have to be very careful and strategic about it as not to end up with things in quantities I won't use before they go bad.


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