Updated Wish List for ALDI

It seems like when I post a wishlist, a few more things show up in stores because someone at ALDI loves me?

1. Organic Whole Milk Thank you ALDI! Keep it coming!
2. Organic Block Cheeses  Would love to see more though
3. Whole Wheat Bread with shorter ingredient list Thanks! Loving the "Knock Your Sprouts Off" SimplyNature bread!
4. Cage-Free/Free Range/Organic Eggs
5. Organic Unsalted Butter
6. Cayenne Pepper  Thanks ALDI!
7. Bay Leaves (Thanks "T")
8. Whole Wheat Tortillas (Thanks Erin!) Thanks for those ALDI (less ingredients please or I will have to continue making my own)
9. Corn Tortillas - bring 'em back Thanks ALDI
10. Organic Chicken!  (Thanks ALDI- the new chicken you rolled out is pretty close!)
11. More frozen, wild-caught fish from time to time
12. Grass-fed beef steaks
13. Whole Wheat Flour (all the time)

Thank you ALDI for some of the newer items like the NeverAny bacon, Knock Your Sprouts Off bread, unsalted cashews, non-GMO cane sugar, and the LiveGFree penne (rice pasta).

*Have some more ideas? Please post in the comments!


  1. I would love to see Gluten Free bagels or gluten free english muffins.

    On a side note, I was so happy to find gluten free General Tso's Chicken at Aldi last week, and it was really, really good! My family has missed Chinese take-out since my diagnosis and this was as good as-if not better than- our favorite restaurant.

  2. My Aldi just started carrying organic, cage-free eggs. Also, around March or so they had grass fed butter, but I haven't seen it since then.

  3. Our Aldi also has organic whole milk now. First time I saw it was this weekend. They got rid of the 2% and now have skim and whole.

  4. I bought a couple of the memory foam pillows from Aldi's I was trying to find out when you would have memory foam mattress again

    1. Oh, I have to look for those. Are they stinky, are they comfy?

  5. I bought a couple of the memory foam pillows from Aldi's I was trying to find out when you would have memory foam mattress again

    1. I don't have the inside scoop on when Aldi will be offering any of their special buys, but they do put out an ad a week ahead of time on their site www.aldi.us (if you are in the US)? I want to snag those as well, so if someone from Aldi is reading, please feel free to contact us!

  6. The pastured-chicken eggs is on my wish list and a SMart Balance dupe. Also, a much better gluten free bread, especially rye, and gluten free sprouted corn tortillas or gf whole grian tortillas for quesadillas (the wraps don't cut it). And more fruit/produce. It's always run out or low quality when I get to it. I go to a farmer's market after my Aldi's run to fill out what Aldi's produce section doesn't offer.

    But I really like shopping there. The prices and the smaler store footprint means I get my shopping done in less than half the time and much fewer impulse buys that wreck my budget. :D


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