The title has a story behind it. Whenever Katie and her family come to our house her husband always notices my overly full pantry and fridge of snacks, and says to Katie, "We need more shnaacks!" So I thought today's shnaack post would be perfect.
     I know when we are heading to the pool I just grab random boxes of whatever is almost empty from the pantry and then I don't have to buy ridiculously priced junk food from the concession stand. We love our Benton's Vanilla Wafer cookies, Savoritz cheese crackers, and Clancy's Pretzels just to name a few!
     Well, news flash....I actually planned ahead for today's pool trip and even impressed my own kiddos...WHOA!  Frozen grapes, that's all you need to impress your kiddos at the pool, who knew?! Last night I washed the grapes and put them individually in a big freezer bag in the freezer. Today, I grabbed them to take along in our cooler and they were a HIT! And with the Kansas heat index of 105, they were the perfect cold shnaack!  We still had pretzels and vanilla wafers, but the grapes were the BEST (according to two 8 year olds and two 12 year olds), and that's saying a lot to impress that age group!


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