Yummy cookies...darn you, Aldi!

Fudge Mint Cookies....aka Girl Scout Thin Mints

    Darn you, Aldi!  I had mentally prepared myself prior to entering Aldi that I was going to eat healthy this week and not snack on my kiddos' junk food. I was doing so well the first two aisles of this shopping endeavor, then I spotted these wonderful cookies!  I thought, hmm I wonder if those taste anything like the Girl Scout cookies?  Mind you it was 2:30 in the afternoon so I was getting a bit hungry, and I'm pretty sure the conversation in my mind went something like this, "I will grab them and see if the kids like them (yeah right!)! Maybe I will eat a couple on the way home from the store since I am kind of hungry." 

Well, Aldi has done it again, these cookies are fabulous! Notice the second picture? All those cookies were consumed on the way home from the grocery store by none other than yours truly.
I did skip the cookout at the campsite tonight with my family, but opted to ride my bike to the lake to visit them. All those cookies are a wash now because of that bike ride, right?!


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