Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

I LOVE coffee, and that is just one of Aldi's great products that I can not live without. My favorite ground coffees from Aldi are the German Roasted Mild Ground Coffee that can be purchased year round. Most recently, my favorite seasonal coffee is the Seasonal Blend Pumpkin Spice which is a light blend. Of course I am not a dark coffee drinker and I like to fufu up my coffee with creamers. Just recently I noticed Aldi is carrying a new line of creamers, Delightfully Pure. In Katie's words, "that's a creamer I can live with; I like the short ingredient list." I have only tried the vanilla flavor, but I just picked up the sweet cream flavor to try. These amazing creamers can be purchased for just $1.79.

Ingredient list for Delightfully Pure creamers:
nonfat milk, heavy cream, sugar, natural flavor


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