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Product Review: Easy Home Robotic Vacuum

This breaks my heart to write this review, but I purchased and am now returning the Easy Home Robotic Vacuum. I was hoping that this would be comparable to the iRobot basic model for much cheaper, but this was not the case. Techko Kobot was the company mentioned on the bottom of the model. I had issues with the vacuum getting stuck under furniture, ramping itself up the legs of the Christmas tree base, being noisy and rattling across my hardwoods, and the dust bin door popping open every time the vacuum hit the wall. It did collect quite a bit of dirt and debris, run for a long time on one charge, and transition well from my area rugs to hardwoods.

The good news is that Aldi has an awesome return policy and I'm not out the $99. Typically, Aldi offers great specialty buys at huge savings over brand names at other stores. This time it was a dud. Better luck next time!

Ambiano Hand Blender With Chopping Bowl in this week's ad for only $16.99

Aldi, this may be the best small kitchen appliance I have ever purchased! If you are like me and don't own a food processor, then you need this. I originally purchased this because my submersion blender bit the dust, and I needed it for making queso. However, I use this amazing gadget for everything from chopping vegetables and blending soups or queso to making milk shakes. The bowl and mixing container that come with it are amazing. Also, if you have ever made the Simple Salsa from our recipes, this makes that task easier too. Another plus is that it's all dishwasher safe and doesn't take up a ton of space!  Now, if only it had the powers of a hand mixer! Do you hear that, Aldi? We want a hand mixer!

Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, and any other Sports Parents....Wagon Deal for YOU!

Folding Wagon  Okay, so the wagon can be used for things other than sports, and I'm actually sad I didn't know about it when I had toddlers as the compact folding makes it wonderful to throw in the back of a vehicle to take to parks, parades, etc.  However, my world is sports, sports, and more sports. I have many friends who use the wagon for baseball games (I still look like the bag lady and haven't broke down to purchase one), however this year was our first experience with volleyball and I spotted them at many tournaments! Not only are these great for hauling your cooler, chairs, snacks, etc. If you have a toddler these make for the perfect napping spot during those long sporting events!  So, if you are looking for a great deal on a wagon....Aldi has pulled through again at an amazing $44.99!  Way to Go, Aldi!

Aldi Grill Reviews? Range Master 4 Burner Gas Grill $139.99

We are about due for a new grill and I saw they have this one for sale for $139.99. I waited last season to see if there would be one left at my Aldi's on markdown and they all got snatched up quickly. A similar-style gas grill is being advertised at Walmart for $153. I know we usually are the ones giving reviews, but I need opinions Aldi-friends! Did you buy this grill when it was offered last Fall or Spring and what did you think of it? How is it holding up? Please leave legitimate opinions in the comments.

Gardenline Stacking Chairs for $12.99

I purchased four of these chairs from ALDI two seasons ago to replace some ones that came with our patio table. They are holding up beautifully through our spring, summer, and fall weather in Kansas. We do choose to store them inside over the winter. They stack nicely for storage. Similar chairs at Walmart are going for $34.99 ea., so this is a steal at $12.99.

Little Journeys Training Pants: Product Review

This past summer Aldi rolled out a new line of baby products including training pants in 3T/4T size. We have been using these for nighttime with out preschooler until recently when he completed potty training. They are priced at $5.99 a pack in our area making them $.26 per "pull-up." Target's Up and Up come in at $.32 and Walmart's Parents Choice at $.31 making Aldi's s substantially cheaper. 
I believe these are comparable in quality to Pull-Ups and any of the house brands at local stores. They are not meant to substitute for a diaper, so they are not totally leak-free if you have a heavy overnight wetter, but they do help make that transition at training time from diaper to underwear.

Aldi Tip - Half-Priced Meat

I was tempted to not even share this information since I kind of like how many people seem to miss these deals at Aldi. When they pass them over it means better deals for me! Since I am in a giving mood, I will go ahead and share this tidbit. Aldi marks down meat to half-price when it is getting close to its "use-by date." Packages will be marked with a red half-priced sticker like the one shown. I snag as many of these as I can and freeze them for later use. I think I might have squealed with delight in the aisle when I scored these deals on the Never Any Chicken Tenderloins.

Tip: If you want to kind to the cashiers, save these items to put last on the belt when you unload your cart. They have to hand key the half-price so it slows them down to do them here and there rather than all at the end.