Little Journeys Training Pants: Product Review

This past summer Aldi rolled out a new line of baby products including training pants in 3T/4T size. We have been using these for nighttime with out preschooler until recently when he completed potty training. They are priced at $5.99 a pack in our area making them $.26 per "pull-up." Target's Up and Up come in at $.32 and Walmart's Parents Choice at $.31 making Aldi's s substantially cheaper. 

I believe these are comparable in quality to Pull-Ups and any of the house brands at local stores. They are not meant to substitute for a diaper, so they are not totally leak-free if you have a heavy overnight wetter, but they do help make that transition at training time from diaper to underwear. 


  1. As a childcare provider I have used many different diapers and training pants. In my opinion, these are terrible! They leak all the time. The pull-ups may cost a bit more, but it’s so worth it to me.


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