Ambiano Hand Blender With Chopping Bowl in this week's ad for only $16.99

Aldi, this may be the best small kitchen appliance I have ever purchased! If you are like me and don't own a food processor, then you need this. I originally purchased this because my submersion blender bit the dust, and I needed it for making queso. However, I use this amazing gadget for everything from chopping vegetables and blending soups or queso to making milk shakes. The bowl and mixing container that come with it are amazing. Also, if you have ever made the Simple Salsa from our recipes, this makes that task easier too. Another plus is that it's all dishwasher safe and doesn't take up a ton of space!  Now, if only it had the powers of a hand mixer! Do you hear that, Aldi? We want a hand mixer!


  1. The submersion blender is awesome for soup recipes that call for transferring to a blender too! Ditto on the hand mixer! My hand mixer of 15 years bit the dust (may it RIP) and I have been waiting for Aldi to offer one so I can replace it. I realize that I could buy one other places, but I know as soon as I do, they will offer a great one cheaper than what I paid.

  2. Hi, thanks for posting. Is the product corded? All pictures show no cord so I am wondering if you supply your own batteries, it is rechargeable, or there is a cord that is just not displayed.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Can you stick the blender right in the pot or do you have to transfer to the measuring cup and blend that way? Im making a soup and it calls to use an immersion blender and i picked up this bad bouy.

  4. is this heavy duty and good for high temp usage? I'm going to use is for pomades

  5. Stand mixers are generally a luxury kitchen appliance. kitchenaid stand mixer


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