Product Review: Easy Home Robotic Vacuum

This breaks my heart to write this review, but I purchased and am now returning the Easy Home Robotic Vacuum. I was hoping that this would be comparable to the iRobot basic model for much cheaper, but this was not the case. Techko Kobot was the company mentioned on the bottom of the model. I had issues with the vacuum getting stuck under furniture, ramping itself up the legs of the Christmas tree base, being noisy and rattling across my hardwoods, and the dust bin door popping open every time the vacuum hit the wall. It did collect quite a bit of dirt and debris, run for a long time on one charge, and transition well from my area rugs to hardwoods.

The good news is that Aldi has an awesome return policy and I'm not out the $99. Typically, Aldi offers great specialty buys at huge savings over brand names at other stores. This time it was a dud. Better luck next time!


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