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Wouldn't It Be Great If Aldi Delivered?!!!

Okay, so I'm a little guilty of not being loyal to Aldi right now! I know, how dare I do such a thing, but my Aldi is currently under renovation, so that means there's only one store for the city. Have I mentioned before that I don't care for crowds? Well, one store means giant crowds. Not to mention that it's back to school time for me, so no more mid week grocery trips. I do still visit Aldi for the produce because their prices can't be beat, and of course my Aldi faves I can't live without.

What I have grocery shopping and delivery! It's the best thing EVER!  This past weekend I found myself sitting in the living room having that feeling I had forgot to do something. Then I said to my husband, "online grocery shopping and delivery has freed up three hours of my weekend, and I LOVE IT because it's more time with you and the kids!". So, wouldn't it be awesome if Aldi could get an online ordering and delivery system up…

Gardenline 6 pack Solar Lights $8.99

Aldi has basically become our source for outdoor decor! Last year my husband spotted these lights in the ad and said to pick up a couple of boxes because it was a great deal. A couple boxes turned into five boxes because they looked so good, and actually worked, and are still working and our house looks fabulous because of them. I've yet to tell him they are in the ad again this upcoming week, but when he spots them I am certain they will be in my cart. The price is spot on at $8.99 for a pack of six, so go get yours before they are all sold out! Great work Aldi!

Aldi Gardenline Pergola Review

If you are in need of some shade, and want a great deal on an amazing pergola, then Aldi has come through again! I purchased mine last summer after complaining too often about not having shade to enjoy my coffee on the deck in the summertime....rough life of a teacher! $149.99 this week at Aldi.