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Wouldn't It Be Great If Aldi Delivered?!!!

Okay, so I'm a little guilty of not being loyal to Aldi right now! I know, how dare I do such a thing, but my Aldi is currently under renovation, so that means there's only one store for the city. Have I mentioned before that I don't care for crowds? Well, one store means giant crowds. Not to mention that it's back to school time for me, so no more mid week grocery trips. I do still visit Aldi for the produce because their prices can't be beat, and of course my Aldi faves I can't live without.

What I have grocery shopping and delivery! It's the best thing EVER!  This past weekend I found myself sitting in the living room having that feeling I had forgot to do something. Then I said to my husband, "online grocery shopping and delivery has freed up three hours of my weekend, and I LOVE IT because it's more time with you and the kids!". So, wouldn't it be awesome if Aldi could get an online ordering and delivery system up…