Ask and you shall receive - Aldi Delivers! (Sort of...)

Our local Aldi is now partnered with Instacart which is a 3rd party grocery delivery service. I spotted the decals advertising the service around our local Aldi and got super excited to tell Carolyn since she has recently been hooked on grocery delivery. After a little research, here's what I learned. Instacart is an "Uber-like" service for groceries where drivers (not employees of Aldi) deliver your online order. At the time I looked, there was a 14-day free trial, but the regular monthly fee was $9.99. Another little sneaky cost was that the prices on the groceries could be marked up from what you would actually pay in store to help cover the cost of the service. For me, this didn't make sense as I can be in and out of my local Aldi in under 30 minutes with all my weekly groceries. If you've tried Instacart and want to convince me it's worth the extra fees, leave a comment and tell us your experience!