ALDI Curbside via Instacart

COVID-19 has been a complete game changer in my grocery getting world. I used to really enjoy my ALDI trips, slowly perusing the AOS from things I don't need. These days it has become and in-and-out, stressful process, trying to maintain 6 ft. from other customers, not touching anything I don't plan on taking, and trying to think kindly about people with poor mask-wearing skills. Just in time to save my sanity, my local ALDI has rolled out curbside powered by Instacart. 


  • I don't have to enter a store during a pandemic.
  • I can work on my grocery list all week and finalize for pick-up when I'm ready.
  • Time saver - I can indicate on the Instacart app that I am on my way and it is usually less than a 3-5 minute wait.
  • ALDI employee does the shopping.
  • You can indicate substitutions and leave notes for your shopper! This really helps me embrace grocery ordering when I can pick what I would do if an item is out. (I once received caramel apple dip but no apples on an order at another store.)
  • Items can be marked up over in store prices.
  • $1.99 order charge for pick-up (I more than make this up with not stopping by the AOS)
  • Items can be out of stock. Sometimes even with substitutions, I have items left off that I would make adjustment for if I was shopping in person.
  • Charge for bags - There's no option to provide your own bags, but I'm just being really picky here.
  • My husband can add items to the list. I'm not sure if this is a pro or con, but I have had way more cookies, treats, and snacks in my cart than I would usually pick.


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