Top 10 Road Trip Snack Ideas from Aldi

Summer road trip season is just around the corner! Keeping my kids (and husband) from the gas station snack aisle is always a challenge. I like to think about having healthy-ish options in the car that don't need to be refrigerated and travel well. While we do pack fresh food in the cooler, I like to save my cooler space for the main meals. Shelf stable foods also mean I don't have to haul them in and out of hotels at every stop and I can throw them into a purse or backpack while we are out and about. Here are our family's top 10 items for summer road trip snacking:

10. SimplyNature Fruit Strips - a slightly healthier choice than most fruit snacks but still a sweet treat. These come in strawberry and raspberry. I prefer the Stretch Island brand but my kids don't seem to care.

9. Southern Grove Cranberry Nut On the Go Trail Mix - these individually packed blends of dried cranberries, peanut, and almonds are tasty little things without any candies like some of the other varieties. Having them pre-portioned helps us not go too crazy on the nuts all at once.
8. Simms Artisan Jerky - These are soooooo good! Aloha Teryaki is my favorite, but there are also Hickory and Garlic flavors. 
7. Southern Grove Raisins - more affordable than some of the other dried fruits. These come in individual packs or a larger canister. 
6. Southern Grove Peanuts - we get the unsalted but there are also salted and honey roasted.
5. Millville Chewy Granola Bars - These are nearly identical to Quaker Oats version and are a nice substitute to a candy bar in my world. I doubt my kids would say the same :) They have a granola bar in the SimplyNature line, but I found that they crumbled to bits and then my kids won't eat them.
4. SimplyNature Fruit Squeezies - A little pricey over a regular applesauce cup, but not needing a spoon wins out on a car trip. Lots of different flavor choices.
3. SimplyNature White Cheddar Puffs - I'm not allowed to have these or I will eat the whole bag.
2. Pur Aqua Belle Vie Flavored Sparkling Waters - Think generic La Croix. My favorite is the grapefruit flavor but there are a ton of rotating options. I know a drink isn't technically a snack, but keeping hydrated keeps hunger down and a fizzy drink option in the cooler keeps me away from the gas station soda fountain.
1. Nature's Nectar Juice Pouch - These aren't exactly as healthy as just drinking water, but I can keep the kids away from pop and slushies for a little bit longer. We do pack water in refillable filtered bottles.
Those are out must-have for road trips. What are your Aldi Road Trip must-haves?


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